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You like gear we like gear. 

 Core 4 uses and tests all kinds of equipment in our travels. With four of us playing we all have different and overlapping needs. 

The products we buy and sell are going to be honestly reviewed as some will fail and some will shine. We will carry and sell outstanding products as we find them. 

Useful products that matter in helping you enjoy and play a better game.

That is our goal, help your with accessories that will enhance your game and make you a better player.

So please go check out our stores, we have a Zazzle store that we sell T shirts, leggings, towels , phone covers and many more accessories.

Our in house Core 4 store sells custom tie dyed towels and score boards (hand made by us), cooling towels and faceshields and more products will be added as we find and use them.

Thanks for visiting our site, take a look around and please come back again. 

Core 4 Sponsorships

Grow the sport !!

We help where we can.

We are a proud sponsor of the

Skullmaster Disaster, Lake Amador course

La Loma

Rocklin (Johnson Springview)

Shady Oaks (Orangevale)

White Pines

Mendocino College (Coast)

Ryan Ranch

Elk Gove Park

Lone Star


Hanging Oaks

Feeney Park

Mendocino College

De Laveaga

New Hogan

Condon Park

Micke Grove

Oak Grove


Golde Gate park

River Oaks

Core 4 Travels

Check out our map below to see the picures on courses we have played so far.